What is Storytime?

Storytime is an opportunity for parents to introduce their children to reading and language in a fun way. At Storytime, children have an opportunity to do activities that promote development and learning. All programs are designed for parents to participate with their children.

The Library offers three types of Storytime:
Preschool, Lapsit, and Family.

Children of all ages are welcome to any of our Storytimes. Please be aware content and extension activities are tailored to specific age groups and may be above or below a child's level.  During winter, spring, and fall a short craft time follows Preschool Storytime.

The Library welcomes schools, daycares, and other groups.  Arrangements for these visits need to be made in advance, by contacting Andrew Davis, Children's Librarian,
at 781-7805. ext. 111 or

Guidelines for Storytime

  • Be playful: Please join in and show your child that storytime is fun. The time to visit with other adults is before or after storytime.
  • Distractions: Arriving late is sometimes impossible to avoid, but please enter the room with as little disruption as possible.
    Toys and food should be put away, and phones should be turned off or set on vibrate.
  • Those bad days: Remember, we all have bad days. If your child becomes upset, please step out of the room to "regroup," then quietly return.
  • Those insecure days: Please be patient with your child if he or she wants to observe instead of joining in. We completely understand that for some children this will be their first group experience in the library, and that it may take a few visits for them to feel comfortable.
  • Bring books home too: An important part of the storytime experience for children is checking out books to read or share at home. 
  • Group visits: Our storytimes are designed for parents and children; arrangements for school, daycare, or other group visits larger than five need to be made in advance.


 Preschool Storytime Minimize

Upcoming Storytimes @ 11am 

March 17th Spring 
March 24th Dangerous Dragons
March 31st We’re Swamped!
April 7th In The Rain
April 14th Under Construction
April 21st Quack! Quack! Duck!
April 28th A Sunny Day
May 5th Race To The Finish!


 Bouncing Babies Storytime
One Wednesday a month @ 11am 
Upcoming Storytimes: 
April 27th
May 25th

 This program is for children from birth to 24 months and their caregivers. It is an opportunity to prepare children for literacy and welcome them to the library. We will read books, sing songs, and do fingerplays while your child feels secure on your lap.


 All Ages Storytime

One Wednesday a month @ 4pm
Upcoming Storytimes and Themes:
April 27th In The Rain
May 25th Race To The Finish

This program is open to all ages and parents, with stories based around a monthly theme.